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Flood Control & Coastal Protection

As engineers, we understand the critical importance of ensuring the safety and security of communities in high-risk areas. The Philippines, being an archipelagic country with 7,641 islands, is no stranger to such vulnerability. We are equipped with an extensive local terrain knowledge combined with internationally proven technologies that enables us to create tailored solutions that mitigate environmental threats, providing protection and peace of mind to those who need it the most.

ITEM 715 | Geotextile Tubes

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Geotextile tubes, also referred to as geobags, are container structures containing high-strength woven geotextile fabrics designed to withstand high pressure. These tubes have garnered increasing popularity due to their exceptional efficiency in dewatering, flexibility, and ability to expand and hold form. 

Our commitment to engineering excellence drives us to continuously innovate and provide new solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our geotextile tubes are engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, providing exceptional stability and protection against floods and coastal erosion.

Road Improvements

Road improvement projects are essential in the Philippines to improve transportation infrastructure and ensure safe, efficient, and sustainable travel for everyone. Amongst the most significant road improvement projects are the installation of solar studs, guardrails, and solar lights. Our engineering solutions for road improvements are designed to meet the specific needs of the region, providing practical and cost-effective solutions to address the challenges posed by the country's transportation infrastructure. We strive to improve the functionality and safety of roads, ensuring that they keep pace with the needs of the growing population and economic activity.

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Products and Materials

To make sure of the quality and reliability of our projects, RPV Red Mountain only provides materials that are approved and tested by DPWH. We make sure that each and every single one of our products follows the stringent protocols and requirements. 

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ITEM 715

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